FGCP as Third Party Driver for Apache Libcloud

You can also register FGCP as Third Party Driver for Apache Libcloud, and use the Libcloud APIs as usual.

For example:

    # Register FGCP as third party driver for libcloud
    from libcloud.compute.providers import set_driver
    from libcloud.compute.providers import get_driver
    cls = get_driver('fgcp')

    # Connect with your client certificate to region 'uk' and work in location 'Demo VSystem'
    driver = cls('client.pem', region='uk', location='Demo VSystem')

    #regions = driver.list_regions()
    #locations = driver.list_locations()
    #nodes = driver.list_nodes()
    #images = driver.list_images()
    #sizes = driver.list_sizes()
    #volumes = driver.list_volumes()
    #for volume in volumes:
    #    snapshots = driver.list_volume_snapshots(volume)
    #    snapshots_and_backups = driver.list_volume_snapshots(volume, ex_include_backups=True)
    #    backups = driver.ex_list_volume_backups(volume)

Note: this is still a work in progress - only the list_* methods are available for now :-)

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