Class Diagrams for this Client API Library

Main Classes

The five main classes for this library and their relationships are shown in the following diagram:

FGCP Client Classes

The FGCP Client classes are described in more detail in the Client Methods.

FGCP Resource Classes

The FGCP Resource classes are described in more detail in the Resource Actions.

FGCP Command Class

The FGCP Command class is described in more detail in the API Commands.

FGCP Connection Class

The FGCP Connection class determines which FGCP Server class to use for its connection based on the region parameter:

The FGCP Server classes are described in more detail in the Test Server and Relay Server. For special purposes, you may also specify your own connection via the set_conn() method, as long as it is compatible with the httplib.HTTPConnection interface.

FGCP Response Class

The FGCP Response class contains the answer from the FGCP Server class, and it is returned by the do_action() method of the FGCP Connection class.

It has at least a responseStatus and responseMessage attribute, and may include one or more FGCP Resource class instances as well, depending on the API Command that was issued:

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